Psychoactive Plants & Healing the Psyche Workshop Part 3

Psychoactive Plants and Healing the Psyche. Part 3.

Psychoactive Plants and Healing the Psyche. Part 3.

Spiritual Transformation, Visionary Plants and Healing the Psyche


Some people have a calling to find who they are beyond what their culture has said they are. This calling is incessant, unrelenting and intense- a fire that burns one to find answers. This journey starts with leaping into new and unknown territories with trust and from there exciting new discoveries of self await…

In this workshop we will explore what the journey of transformation entails:

How do you recognize the calling?

How to handle the dark night of the soul

Stages on the alchemical journey of self transformation.

Alchemical tools for transformation. Visionary plants, spiritual practice, meditation, medicine wheel.



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