Psychoactive Plants & Healing the Psyche Workshop Part 1

Psychoactive Plants and Healing the Psyche. Part 1

Psychoactive Plants and Healing the Psyche. Part 1.

Introduction to Psychoactive Plants


In this introductory workshop to psychoactive plants, we will explore:

What are psychoactive substances?

The basics of how brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) are made and their role in consciousness.

How psychoactive substances from foods, plants and synthetic drugs effect brain chemistry and states of consciousness.

Trance states. The common mechanisms of enhanced states of awareness or trance across cultures and how they heal the mind.

How tribal societies used and still use psychoactive visionary plants for healing, warfare, and divination.

Important examples of psychoactive plants and Fungi: Mandrake, Psilocybe, Ayahuasca, Peyote, Sceletium and Ubulawu. In depth look at Ayahuasca and how it works: psychopharmacology and healing.



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