Mood & Foods – Holistic care of the nervous system

Mood and Foods: Holistic Care of the Nervous System

Mood and Foods: Holistic Care of the Nervous System

In this exciting workshop we learn how our nervous system work, what the cause is for various conditions effecting the nervous system and how the health of the nervous system influences the state of the other body systems such as the digestive system (e.g., IBS and its nervous system component, and effect of stress on immunity etc).


We will explore topics such as:

Which foods and nutrients can boost our brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine to improve mood and reduce stress?

Which tonic plants and foods can increase our brains performance and memory?

The relationship between mood and foods: the effect of proteins, carbs and fats on mood and appetite.

Food and ADHD. Managing childrens learning difficulties with nutrition.

Effective holistic medicine interventions in the treatment of depression and anxiety.



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