Holistic Care of the Digestive System

Holistic Care of the Digestive System

Holistic Care of the Digestive System

Digestive system problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, thrush and indigestion are major hidden sources of discomfort and stress that significantly impacts workplace productivity and lifestyle satisfaction. In this workshop we will learn how to use holistic medicine to optimize digestion and prevent compromised digestion such as bloating, gas and malabsorption.


In this practical, fun and dynamic workshop we will explore:

The role of enzymes in body health

Food combining myth or fact?

Ways we can heal ulcers and IBS with medicinal plants and nutrients.

All about how food allergies occur and ways to heal them.

How to teat and heal Candida and other pathogens that cause leaky gut syndrome.

Learn the 5 important rules to ensure and increase digestive efficiency.



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